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Packages and prices

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Ibrahim Hamato, Egyptian Table Tennis player epitomises the Paralympics. Respect.
RT : Excellent CPD and speakers with and Welsh regional rugby.
'Premier League clubs are being warned that they risk being sued by players'- says Perform's Mark Gillett
Great to meet you all - thanks for coming. Great hosts 👍🏉

Specialist clinics 

Rapid Access Injury Clinic (Dr Mark Gillett) - Intial Assessment  £180     
Rapid Access Injury Clinic (Dr Mark Gillett) - Follow Up £120
Hip and Groin Service (Dr Mark Gillett) - Intial Assessment  £180
Hip and Groin Service (Dr Mark Gillett) - Follow Up   £120
Nutrition (Initial assessment, 45 minutes)  £45


Physiotherapy prices

Initial assessment (45 minutes) £55
Follow-up treatment session (30 minutes) £45
Bronze Package (Initial + 2 physio) £130
Silver Package (Initial + 3 physio) £170
Gold Package (Initial + 5 physio) £250


Screening prices

Functional movement Screen with Y-Balance Testing £65    
Ski fit assessment £65
Golf fit assessment £65
Group injury screening (minimum 6 athletes) £20pp


Specialist equipment sessions

Alter G Supervised (30 minute session) £35
Alter G Unsupervised (30 minute session) £15
Alter G Gold(1 month unlimited use) £80
Watt Bike (60 minute session) £10
Watt Bike monthly package (not available on Sundays) £80


Specialist classes

Clinical Pilates (6 x 60 minute classes, limited to 8 people per class) £72 pp
Pilates Single Class £31
Pink Ribbon Pilates (12 x half an hour classes) £72 pp