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Ibrahim Hamato, Egyptian Table Tennis player epitomises the Paralympics. Respect.
RT : Excellent CPD and speakers with and Welsh regional rugby.
'Premier League clubs are being warned that they risk being sued by players'- says Perform's Mark Gillett
Great to meet you all - thanks for coming. Great hosts 👍🏉
"I recently took my 16 year old musical theatre student daughter to Pippa for assessment of a knee injury at Spire Little Aston. An appointment was quickly schedule and we received a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment along with exercise plans and advice on the first visit. Moreover, Pippa’s extensive dance specific knowledge enabled her to establish how the injury had been sustained and to develop a preventative maintenance programme, in the gym, to prevent reoccurrence. Pippa is thorough, organised, friendly, and a pleasure to deal with.  Her fees are extremely reasonable for her level of specialist skill. Her knowledge, complemented by practical experience as a physiotherapist to dancers in the West End, is a rare bonus to find in the West Midlands and I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone suffering from a dance related medical problem."
Mrs H S Gates, Mar 2015
“I contacted Spire Perform about a persistent hamstring injury, having been frustrated with making no progress through self-aid and sports massage therapies.
From the first assessment Spire Perform and Ed, my assigned physio in particular, made me feel completely at ease. It was extremely easy to trust my care to them. As someone coming to the clinic with a sports related injury I felt that Ed understood my mentality whilst dealing with my hamstring injury; most notably my extreme impatience to get back to fitness! Working with Ed always felt like I was making progress however, so I always felt heartened and motivated throughout my recovery. I would even go so far as saying that this injury has made me a better sportsperson, and certainly one who looks at physical activity through a fresh, more intelligent lens!
I cannot thank Spire Perform enough for all your help and cannot recommend them highly enough to people looking for sports injury rehabilitation.”
Dan Mennell, Jan 2015
"After fracturing my ankle I was recommended to contact Pippa at Perform Birmingham for my rehabilitation. Although the fracture had healed I was having muscular pain in the ankle area which was constant for 3 months preventing me from working. After a few sessions and a carefully tailored rehab program the pain started to go away and with further sessions there was huge progress made. I was so amazed! Being a professional dancer I always had complete trust in Pippa as she is highly specialised in dance injuries and has worked with many dance companies. After 7 weeks I was able to audition again! Would definitely recommend Pippa and Perform Birmingham with its excellent facilities."
Robin Gladwin, Jan 2015
Professional dancer from Swan Lake - New Adventures Dance Company
"Following a lengthy period of lower back/hip pain In June ’14 I contacted Ed and booked into Perform Physiotherapy at Little Aston for a consultation and a treatment plan. As he worked closely with my consultant who performed microfracture surgery on both my knees, I was keen that Ed helped me with my rehabilitation. Ed quickly linked my back and hip issues to my previous knee operations (the right knee operation was in July ’13). He drew up a comprehensive plan involving both knee and hip exercises that developed as we progressed through the weeks. Ed also showed me a series of exercises using the roller which proved very successful. I explained to Ed early on that I did not do certain exercises (i.e. lunges and 1 legged squats) due to my knee operations. Ed took time to explain that with the correct strengthening work, lunges and squats were by no means beyond me and  I am now comfortable doing both. A really important part of my ‘back to running’ plan was my introduction and use of the Alter G Anti-Gravity treadmill. This phased approach using percentage body weight has enabled me to steadily build up my running and has proved to be a very effective tool in my recovery. I can now comfortably run for 40 minutes on soft ground without any pain in my hip, back or knees. Ed took time to understand me, how exercise was such a big part of my life and my goals. I would highly recommend Ed & the facilities at Perform Physiotherapy."
Andy, Nov 2014
"Following my recent back injury the physiotherary I received enabled me to go from running no miles for two months to being able to run 20+ miles per week, with a 10 mile 'long run' within 8 weeks. The programme has also added some new techniques and effective stretch & strength regimes into my training.  I would have no hestitation in recommending Perform Birmingham to fellow runners and friends, as the programme advised was very professional, relevant & effective."
T Ludlow
Runner 6.2.14
"I would definitely recommend Ski-Fit, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am sure that my confidence on the slopes will have improved after all these exercises."
J Towers
"I would certaily recommend Perform Birmingham, I had real confidence in the staff, they were of a high quality and very attentive, knowledgable and welcoming".
Mr J
Participation Manager, England and Wales Cricket Board   01.12.13
"My Physiotherapy was useful in helping to assess my injury and other factors that were inked to my injury, then coming up with a successful action plans to achieve my goals and get back to full fitness."
S Thornton
"Physio at Perform Birmingham helped me get back to playing golf. I am a keen golfer and was sent to physio with mechanical back pain.  Physio enabled me to get back to 100% fitness and play golf pain free.  I was put through a screening specifically for golf, which over a period of time, my score improved which shows what a good job they do here."

J Slater


"My experience with the Alter G machine has been a fantastic one and I am convinced that my rehabilitation has massively  been enhanced due to the machine.  The Machine is just what I needed after breaking my tibia and fibula.  Its ability to adjust the amount of weight-bearing is unbelievable and gave me real confidence to jog at an early stage.  Fanastics Invention!"
Mr M
Partner, Deloitte LLP
"Amazing machine! Allowed me to start running again after my recent knee op, looking forward to my next session "
K Morris
"I can't put in to words how good the physio treatment and facilities are at Perform Birmingham, after my ACL operation in July 2011 I found the Alter G treadmill invaluable in my recovery.  What a brilliant piece of kit!"
B Singh
"All runners want to do is run.  The Alter G anti-gravity treadmill enabled me to get back to (assisted) running within 2 weeks of my knee operation and, with the help and support of my physiotherapist, I was able to run 6 miles unaided 6 weeks after my operation.  This would have been unthinkable without the Alter G."
S Manton
 "I've used the Alter G twice now and it has been great for me, worked up a sweat and it really helped me with my confidence as the strength in my knee returned."
A Leadbeater