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Perform Bushey Services

Bushey: Anthony Morris


When I felt pain in my left shoulder, I was very worried that I’d sustained an irreparable injury. My initial consultation with Adam completely quelled those worries! The subsequent advice to keep my shoulder mobile and follow the various exercises he recommended have worked so much… that I now have little pain and free movement.

Anthony Morris, rotary cuff patient

The range of services we offer at Perform Bushey includes:

Clinical pilates and core strength classes
Gait scan with orthotic prescription option
Hand therapy
Isokinetic muscle strength testing
MSK physiotherapy
Open-access sports injury clinic
Paediatric physiotherapy
Ultrasound scanning
Vestibular rehabilitation (dizziness)
Women's health physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists can also refer clients directly to Spire Bushey Hospital’s leading specialist orthopaedic consultants (many of whom practise at the world-renowned Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital) and Spire Bushey's full range of diagnostic facilities, including a state-of-the-art CT scanner, MRI and X-ray department.