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Clinical Pilates


Our highly qualified team of Perform physiotherapists have combined physiotherapy with pilates to create a specialist form of exercise therapy to help those recovering from injury or surgery.

We have combined physiotherapy with pilates to create a unique form of exercise therapy. we deliver high quality clinical pilates designed to provide life changing results for anyone suffering from pain and instability following an injury, surgery or to help relieve general aches and pains.

Our clinical pilates sessions are aimed at those suffering primarily with lower back pain. We offer a personalised consultation to ensure you attend the right group and receive the most appropriate exercise programme. As well as reducing pain and safely managing your injury, clinical pilates can also help you to build up a greater resistance to injury and correct poor mechanics that underlie injuries.

Our specialist physiotherapists will help you train your muscles to help your body move more safely and efficiently. Pilates can also help with relaxation and stress management for those wanting to escape from the pressures of everyday life. You will have improved posture and balance as well as an enhanced feeling of physical wellbeing.

Clinical Pilates is offered at: