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"I have used the AlterG anti-gravity devise extensively for the last 4 years.  It is a fantastic adjunct to many rehabilitation or management programs of lower body injuries.  The use of the AlterG at Liverpool Spire has been a great help, it has not only offered the use of a cutting edge machine but also the flexibility to use their excellent facility for preparation and treatment prior to and post use.

It has allowed players at the club such as Iosia Soliola, James Roby and Mark Flanagan get on their feet and begin functional based exercise earlier than usually expected during their rehabilitation. Leading to an earlier and ultimately much safer return to sport."

St. Helens RFC



"I can not thank the staff at Perform Liverpool enough.Ian, Liz and the rest of the physio team have given me such a boost, I leave every session with such a buzz. They have set me some tough goals, but with the gym facilities such as the AlterG and the Compex MS I have been able to acheive my goal of walking with crutches.

I want to walk on my own by Christmas.....something I know I'm going to do!"

Mubarak “Mibbs” Palmer

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