Perform Birmingham launches dance physiotherapy

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Dance Medicine Service Launch

Perform Press Office
3 June 2015

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Perform Birmingham's Pippa Jones, Specialist Physiotherapist, has identified a need to provide dancers with specialist sports physiotherapy services. Pippa, who has worked as a physiotherapist with professional dancers on BBC Strictly Come Dancing, West End Shows and The Royal Ballet, has set up a new clinic aimed at the management and prevention of dance injuries.

“Dancers are artistic athletes and place a tremendous amount of pressure on their bodies through long hours of training and performing. Add in constant physical force and repetitive movements and they are at as high a risk of serious injury as all other athletes.“

Common causes of dance injuries include the type of dance, the length and frequency of training and performances, poor technique, the dance environment such as un-sprung flooring as well as poor nutrition and poor equipment such as poorly-fitting shoes.

Injured dancers will be able to access a wide range of facilities at the clinic including sports/dance injury assessment, screening and injury management, clinical Pilates and sports massage. On-site there is also direct access to a sports and exercise medicine consultant and consultant orthopaedic surgeons experienced in treating sport and exercise injuries.

To find out more please call Perform Birmingham on 0121 580 7131 or e-mail