Endurance runner overcomes injury thanks to Perform Leeds

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Endurance runner overcomes injury thanks to Perform Leeds

Perform Press Office
20 August 2015


The team at Perform Leeds recently helped a local woman train to complete 10 marathons in 10 days despite suffering a race-threatening injury. Kate McIntyre was struck down with shin splints while training for the Brathay ‘10 in 10’ challenge around Lake Windermere. The 52-year-old was set to join a group of 88 people to take on “The UK’s ultimate endurance running event”.

However, when she suffered shin splints just one month before the event she thought she would miss the event she had worked so hard preparing for. Then her physiotherapist recommended she visit Perform Leeds, a world-class, rehabilitation, sports medicine and human performance Centre at Spire Leeds Hospital, which uses cutting edge technologies to benefit everyone from the sports elite to the enthusiastic novice.

“I was devastated when the shin splints struck," said Kate. "It was the first time I had experienced them. It happened during a long training run when I developed severe pain in my left leg. I tried deep tissue massage, icing and acupuncture then my physio told me about the facility at Spire Leeds Hospital."

Kate was introduced to the Alter-G, an anti-gravity treadmill, which features technology originally developed for the NASA space programme. Working under the guidance of Andy Webster, physiotherapy manager at Perform Leeds, the accelerated rehabilitation programme on the Alter-G, coupled with other low impact training activities helped to get Kate back on track.

Andy commented: “The Alter-G anti gravity treadmill provides a rehabilitation platform like no other; it enables progressive loading and reduced impact to facilitate accelerated rehab and promote healing. It works by altering the air pressure inside an enclosed space to precisely reduce or increase the weight of each step, giving the user a chance to run pain-free.”

Kate added: “I was so impressed with the Alter-G, it’s like walking on the moon. I was in such pain I couldn’t put any pressure on my left leg. It enabled me to keep moving, continue to train and keep my fitness levels up ahead of the event without the painful pressure.”

Kate went on to compete in all 10 marathons in May 2015 and win the coveted ‘10 in 10’ title and also raised over £21,000 for Brathay Trust. Kate, who is married and works in financial services, was a latecomer to the running world. She started pounding the pavements when she was 45 and ran her first marathon in 2012 just before her 50th birthday.  Since then she has completed another twenty marathons and runs around 50 miles a week.

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