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Cardiac Screening at Perform, St. George's Park

Perform Press Office
2 May 2013

The FA has recently announced that Perform at St. George's Park / Spire Healthcare are the preferred choice of healthcare provider  to carry out the Scholar Cardiac Screening programme. We can provide both a mobile unit and hospital venue whichever is your preferred choice. All the screens will be reviewed and reported by an FA-approved Cardiologist.

For the mobile service the team will consist of a Clinical Physiologist / Nurse and a Specialised Cardiac Physiologist who will perform the ECGs and Echocardiograms respectively. Any additional screens, e.g. 6 monthly or annual screening of other academy players or even senior players can be included. For larger numbers additional staff will be provided to ensure that all scans are completed on the day wherever possible.

cardiac screening.jpg

Should there be a requirement for a secondary care pathway / follow up following review by the Cardiologist this can be accommodated through the Spire Network (e.g. Cardiac MRI, 24 hour ECG monitoring, Stress Test)

In addition, Perform / Spire Healthcare can also look after your blood pathology needs.

For further details please contact Dr Neil Fell on 01283 576333.