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FMA Partnership Announcement

Perform Press Office
30 July 2015


The Football Medical Association (FMA) is delighted to have signed a two year lead sponsorship deal with Spire Healthcare. The partnership unites The FMA, an organisation that caters for the football medics, with Spire Healthcare. Both provide medical services to the entire football family, from the professional football level to management and match officials.

Over the past 15 years, the presence of medical and science personnel in professional football has grown significantly. The importance of medical support, research and input in professional football contributes enormously to sports’ world leading status and the success of the modern game.

Eamonn Salmon, CEO of the FMA, said: “Spire Healthcare is an internationally recognised brand and we are delighted to have reached agreement to partner for the next 2 seasons.  It was always important for the FMA to align itself with a brand that fits our profile and SPIRE does exactly that.  We are looking forward to developing the partnership and feel certain that this is a relationship for the long term”

Phil Horton, National Perform Director, commented: “The Spire Healthcare network supports footballers, managers and referees throughout the UK with rehabilitation, cardiac screening, health screening, imaging, pathology and rapid access to further medical services and consultants. Our leading interdisciplinary team delivers results that help people reach optimum health & fitness, through our cutting edge approach.”

“We’re proud to be partnering with The Football Medical Association, whose members can access Perform’s Gold standard of care facilitated through Spire Healthcare’s all-encompassing medical network and infrastructure. Committed to our work in football, Perform not only look after the team but also, the team behind the team.”
The partnership comes as a result of the successful relationship that Perform has as the medical provider The FA at the National Football Centre St. George’s Park. Perform continue to provide high quality medical services to the whole football family as is evident in their work that includes rehabilitation for all members of the PFA, LMA and PGMOL, cardiac screening for members of the PFA and PGMOL and health screening for LMA members.
To find out more, please visit or contact the Perform team on 01283 576 333 or email