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Pilates: For Pain, for Fitness, For Athletes

Perform Press Office
29 August 2013

Pilates was founded by Joseph Pilates in 1912, he was born in Germany and moved to the United Kingdom during WW1. During this time he worked as an orderly in a Hospital and was appalled at the neglect of the ill patients so devised a gentle exercise programme for them. Since that day Joseph developed his exercises to be used in the world of dance and the first Pilates studio was opened when Joseph and his wife Clara moved to New York to train the New York Ballet.


Now Pilates is a world renowned form of exercise utilised by many athletes and endorsed by many different companies. Pilates is a mode of core stabilisation which then increases the difficulty by moving through different exercises. The main aim of Pilates is to improve your core stability, strength and flexibility whilst helping with your posture and relaxation.

There are many specialised areas within Pilates; the treatment of lower back pain. Pre & post natal classes, stress management, Return to Sport and increasing Sporting performance from amateurs to professionals.

I have been trained by the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) which designs Pilates specifically to target pathology, normal movement patterns and neuromuscular timing. All key aspects for those with an injury or those aiming to excel at their chosen sport.


At Perform we offer a Pilates class specifically targeting lower back pain. As many as eight in every ten adults experience LBP at some point in their lifetime (Dionne et al., 2001) and the risk of it returning can be up to 65% within the first year (Hoy et al, 2012).  An exercise programme that strengthens the core, maintains flexibility and improves posture and balance will equip LBP patients to continue with a good quality of life and prevent the symptoms returning (Rydeard et al, 2006).

We also offer a Pilates class or one to one sessions for those who want to improve performance or those who want to get fit. Pilates at Perform, St. George’s Park is available to all from beginners to those who have reached a more advanced level. Our six week course of Pilates will help retrain the local muscle system, strengthen the global muscles and incorporate the two into more efficient function (Richardson et al, 2004).

By Beth Langley
Perform Physiotherapist

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