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Widness Vikings Visit Perform Liverpool

Perform Press Office
31 July 2013

Rugby Super League team Widnes Vikings recently visited the Perform Liverpool to try out their new Alter-G antigravity treadmill. The Alter-G is an excellent training modality that can optimise performance by customising body weight to aid rehabilitation after-injury or surgery. With a couple of injuries in the side Andy McDonough, Head of Sports Medicine at Widnes Vikings has found using the state of the art technology a vital part of improving recovery with in the team.

“The Alter-G at Perform Liverpool has proved to be a valuable asset in our rehabilitation repertoire at Widnes Vikings.  It has allowed us to get players walking and running sooner and ultimately getting them back playing quicker.  It has become an integral and essential part of our treatment for some injuries.  As we are not in a position to have our own, the flexibility of using the one in Perform Liverpool has proved invaluable”.

Andy McDonough, Head of Sports Medicine at Widnes Vikings

IMG_0432.jpgAfter picking up ankle injuries, Lloyd White and Kevin Brown have found being able to use the Alter-G has allowed them to continue to train while still recovering from serious ankle injuries.

The Alter-G uses unweighting technology that allows the user to run at a percentage of their body weight while preserving the natural gait. This reduces the foot to ground impact that is associated with running allowing the individual to run sooner than they would normally be able to. 

“The Alter-G was great for my recovery and allowed me to start running weeks before schedule, helping get movement back in my ankle and slowly  build up my conditioning.  Mentally running so soon after an operation like mine was great for my confidence, as running at such low percentage of my body weight reduced the pressure on the ankle".

Kevin Brown, Widnes Vikings