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Rick Mills, aged 41 was suffering knee pain after increasing the physical activity he was doing since losing 5stone in weight. After a referral from his GP, Rick was placed under the care of Dr Ismail at Spire Manchester Hospital. Tests revealed that there was a misalignment of both patella leading to excessive wear on the meniscus.

Corrective arthroscopic surgery (bilateral release of the patella) was carried out on both knees at the same time to reduce overall recovery time to allow Rick to get back to running and cycling.

Rick said this about his experience at Spire Manchester Hospital, "from the moment I walked in for my consultation I knew that I'd have the issue resolved. The whole team at Spire have been fantastic, that includes the consultant, nursing staff and physiotherapists. My care was always attended to at a high standard. This team has enabled me to run pain free and get back to running and walking in a relatively short time. Within 6 months I had run my first ever half marathon. It's been a brilliant experience. I would recommend Spire Manchester Hospital to anyone".

Rick is running in the Great North Run in September just one year on from his surgery.

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