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Perform Liverpool offers a fully equipped and comprehensive rehabilitation gym, staffed by specialist practioners.


Perform Liverpool houses AlterG, an anti-gravity treadmill providing a revolutionary approach to rehabilitation and training.  Its uses technology developed at NASA which creates air pressure to lift your body, helping to limit the stress on your body whilst exercising.  This allows pain free rehabilitation from injury or reduced risk of over training.


The machine is now used by many professional sports clubs as a core part of their athletic conditioning and training programmes.

At Perform Liverpool we also use the Cybex Norm Isokinetic Testing and Rehabilitation system which helps us measure the force you are able to generate from the muscles surrounding the joint being tested. From this we can create a rehabilitation program to improve the muscle strength.

Our Compex Muscle Stimulation uses electrical muscle stimulation to reproduce the body's natural process of voluntary muscular contractions with 'optimal' electrical impulses. When an electrical impulse is applied to the motor nerve, it provokes a deeper and more complete muscle contraction than can be attained through standard voluntary training.