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Our Perform Physiotherapists in Liverpool are qualified to practice acupuncture and utilise acupuncture skills in combination with other manual techniques.  They are also trained in Pilates and rehabilitation exercises to help with pain relief and recovery from a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Supporting Perform Liverpool are some of the North West’s leading orthopaedic consultants, Radiologists and Sports Physicians.

Bone and Joint Centre

Perform  Liverpool is proud to be supported by the onsite Bone and Joint Centre. If you need specialist orthopaedic care, diagnosis and treatment is available for a wide range of joint and sports injuries.

The bone and joint centre sets rigorous clinical and professional standards and as a result, you will find that all its consultants, surgeons and specialist clinical staff are passionate about what they do, and each one has met the stringent standards that allow them to work in bone and joint centre.


SportScan is a one of the premier sports injury scanning services in the North West of England, operating at Spire Liverpool Hospital.
SportScan consists of a group of specialist musculoskeletal Radiologists with  experience in sports scanning, allowing rapid access to highly specialised imaging. Perform clients  have access to immediate diagnosis and therefore the most appropriate treatment for their injury.