Back Pain Assessment Clinic | Spire Perform

The clinic at Perform Southampton is a one-stop shop where you will be seen by a specialist spinal physiotherapist.  Following your assessment our physiotherapist will be able to recommend further investigations if applicable or arrange appropriate management and treatment.

Receiving the correct information in the early stages of back pain can avoid chronic symptoms causing more discomfort and prolonged periods off work.


What does the appointment involve?

You will be assessed by one of our specialist spinal physiotherapy practitioners who will take a case history and perform a clinical examination. Following your assessment our practitioners will be able to recommend referrals:

• directly to a consultant (orthopaedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, rheumatologist or pain management specialist)
• for appropriate investigations (MRI, CT Scan etc)
• for physiotherapy - hands on treatment or rehabilitation

A report will be sent to your GP (with your consent) containing information about the treatment given, or outling the recommended plan of treatment. You will also receive advice on returning to normal activities and instruction on exercises supported by literature.

How much does the assessment cost?

The Back Pain Assessment Clinic at Perform Southampton is open to both insured patients and those who do not have private medical insurance. For patients who are self-funding the fee for the back pain assessment clinic is from £135.

Do I need a GP referral?

You can self refer to the back pain assessment clinic by calling 023 8076 4348 or emailing to make an appointment.

Alternatively, your GP can make an online referral via Spire Healthcare's GP Connect website, or fax a referral form to 023 8070 1160. We will then arrange the appointment directly with you.