Clinical Pilates | Spire Perform

Here at Perform Southampton we offer a Clinical Pilates class which is a form of dynamic stabilisation retraining that reconditions the body from the central core to prevent the recurrence of and treat low back pain. It is designed especially for people who have or have had pain and injuries or require specialist Physiotherapy attention.  

Pilates is an exercise method that focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, muscle-strength, flexibility, alignment and posture. It focuses on the core muscles of your abdomen, pelvis and back. It was created by Germanborn Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s and incorporates elements of yoga, martial arts and Western forms of exercise.  

The classes at Perform are run by a fully qualified Physiotherapist who  teaches Pilates. The classes are small with a maximum of eight clients so there is plenty of individual attention to ensure the correct technique.

We practice slow, controlled movements on the mat.  Key principles covered are: relaxation, concentration, alignment, breathing, centering, co-ordination, stamina and flowing movements.

Block of six sessions £55

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