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Hydrotherapy, also referred to as Aquatic Physiotherapy, provides a warm, relaxed environment for treating patients after injury or with chronic and acute conditions.

The water temperature of 34 degrees is the optimum temperature for muscle relaxation, helping to decrease pain, increase range of movement and increase muscle activity, making our hydrotherapy pool the ideal environment for rehabilitation.

Patients are accompanied in the pool by a Physiotherapist throughout their session.  The buoyancy of the water is used to assist movements, helping to mobilise joints and stretch muscles, and resist movements, helping to increase muscle strength.  The movement of the water is used to improve balance and co-ordination and the support of the water can reduce the fear of falling and allow better mobility.

Hydrotherapy allows many patients to exercise and receive treatment much earlier than on land.  This is due to the effect of buoyancy reducing weight bearing status, or pain on weight bearing, leading to increased patient confidence and motivation.

The benefits of Hydrotherapy:

• Reduction in pain and muscle spasm
• Increased joint range of movement
• Strengthening of muscles
• Improved balance and co-ordination
• Improved circulation
• Increased physical fitness and ability to exercise

Hydrotherapy is suitable for patients with a variety of conditions including soft tissue injury, arthritis, neurological conditions and post-surgery or joint replacement.  It is not necessary for patients to be able to swim to benefit from the water and is appropriate for any age.

Hydrotherapy is also useful as a recovery aid in sport.  When combined with the essential components of quality sleep, optimal nutrition and hydration, active recovery exercises in a hydrotherapy pool can assist the musculoskeletal system to recover and prepare for the next training session or competition performance.

To book an appointment or to hire the facility please call 023 8076 4348.

Land based assessment £65
Hydrotherapy with specialist physiotherapist £50
Hydrotherapy with specialist physiotherapist (6x30 minutes) £250
Hydrotherapy* self-help up to 30 minute session £15
Hydrotherapy* self-help (6 x 30 minute sessions) £75

*exclusively for patients who have been set a hydrotherapy programme by physiotherapist following a one-to-one session.  There can be up to 2 people in the pool at any one time.