Sports Massage | Spire Perform

You do not have to play sports to benefit from a sports massage. Massage can help you relieve muscular tension, ease stress and improve sleeping patterns. Massage works by increasing blood circulation to the muscles helping them relax and relieve tension that has built up inside.

Massage can be done on any part of the body and is a beneficial method to increase positive mood whilst improving muscular quality.  Appointments come in either 30 minutes or 60 minutes and our therapists are highly trained in a diverse range of techniques that will facilitate your treatment.

The sports massage therapists here at perform will tailor their massage personally to you, helping with future exercises and advise on how to prolong the benefits gained through the session. 

Massage therapy may improve your flexibility and like in any sport, flexibility is important to be able to move easily in all directions to reach optimal performance. An increase in blood flow is also important for regeneration and retention of muscles as it keeps oxygen flowing through our system, our muscles heal faster and it also carries nutrients around our body, aiding the healing process. One of the biggest problems with athletes, and even regular people who work out is muscle pain, massage helps eradicate this pain and puts you on a direct path to re-energise the muscles back to full health.

The biggest benefit that sports massage offers is physical and mental relaxation. By going through deep tissue massage, people keep their tissues and muscles healthy, clear their minds and just relax.

60 minutes £45
30 minutes £30