VO2 Max Testing | Spire Perform

What is it? 

VO2max  is considered the best measure of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. It refers to the maximal amount of oxygen that an individual can utilise during athletic performance, measured in millilitres of oxygen per minute per kilogram of bodyweight (ml∙min∙kg-1). A VO2max test is an incremental test performed to maximal effort, and can be completed on a treadmill or cycle ergometer, lasting approximately 8 – 12 minutes. A variety of protocols that include speed, length of stage and gradient can be selected based on individual needs.
Blood lactate values can also be obtained during this test via capillary sampling of the fingertip when using an appropriate protocol. Accumulation of lactate in the blood is a direct result of anaerobic metabolism, a blood lactate threshold can be calculated and is used for prescribing intensity of training programs.

Who can benefit from VO2 max testing?

The VO2max test will benefit athletes who are looking to benchmark or improve their cardiovascular fitness.

Why use VO2 max testing? 

A VO2max  test allows individuals to quantify their cardiovascular fitness and to evaluate the effectiveness of their training program. This information is particularly useful pre-season as it allows the opportunity to manage effective training plans before the start of the competitive season.

Where does VO2 max testing take place? 

Specialist equipment is required to run this test. The VO2max test will take place in a controlled laboratory environment within the Perform Southampton Centre. A controlled environment contributes to high test-retest reliability and ensures that the data collected is meaningful.

How to find out more and book your test

For further information, contact the Perform Centre on 023 8076 4348.