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Perform at St. George's Park

Facilities at St. George's Park

The Perform centre at St.George’s Park is a world-class sports medicine and human performance facility. Perform combines the latest cutting-edge technologies with leading sports physicians and practitioners to deliver outstanding services to our clients. 

All of our facilities are available for Professional Sports Clubs and teams to hire for use.

Please note that at the present time we no longer hire the facilities to private individuals.

The Perform at St. George's Park facilities include:

Human Performance Lab


The Human Performance Lab is used to collect and analyse data and is lead by our sports science team. This lab contains state-of-the-art equipment and testing facilities including:

  • Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill - able to remove up to 80% of a user's bodyweight, ideal for use as part of a rehabilitation programme.
  • Altitude, Temperature and Humidity Chamber - ideal for adapting to exercise in different  environments.
  • Biomechanical Analysis
  • Body Composition
  • Various testing including VO2 Max, Functional Movement Screening, Y-Balance, Blood testing, Jump tests and Isokinetics (Strength testing).

Strength and Conditioning Gym

Strength and Conditioning Gym.jpg

The Strength and Conditioning Gym overlooks the Wembley replica pitch and features the latest Technogym equipment.

Key features include:

  • Four Olympic lifting platforms
  • Extensive free weights and plate loaded areas
  • Latest Technogym resistance and cardiovascular equipment
  • Team spin bike area

Hydrotherapy Suite


The Hydrotherapy Suite uses the latest aquatic therapies and equipment to assist athletes and sports teams with rehabilitation and recovery from exercise. The Hydrotherapy Suite consists of three main areas:

  • An underwater treadmill - used to assist with rehabilitation from injury by reducing bodyweight and pressure on joints. It also comes with video analysis to help correct movement patterns.
  • Contrast Bathing Pools - the hot and cold bathing pools can be used to aid in muscle repair and to increase recovery time after intense training.
  • Variable depth pool - this pool has controllable water depth, temperature and buoyancy levels to create an advanced training environment. The entire pool floor is fully height-adjustable to allow for safe entry to the water with no steps or ladders.


Rehabilitation Gym

Perform Rehab Gym.jpg

The Rehabilitation Gym is a combined treatment and functional area and features a range of testing and strengthening equipment to support the screening, diagnosis and treatment of injuries. Overlooking the full-size indoor pitch, professional athletes can be treated individually or as part of a group.

The main features of the Rehabilitation Gym include:

  • Six therapy beds - used by our specialist physiotherapists to perform manual therapy, massage, taping and acupuncture, as well as electrotherapies which we have available.
  • Functional movement screens and Y-balance to detect movement dysfunction in patients.
  • Large gym area including boxes, bungees, TRX, Bosu and bands used for functional rehabilitation and to form correct movement patterns.

60-Metre Sprint Lanes

sprint lanes.jpg

We have three 60-metre sprint lanes here at Perform which play an integral part in our performance training, rehabilitation,  performance testing and biomechanical analysis. The track allows us to work on plyometric training with our athletes, with a focus on  linear speed acceleration drills, maximal velocity training and technique drills often combined with hurdles, bungees, run rockets or parachutes.

All of our facilities are available for Professional Sports Clubs and teams to hire for use.