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PFA Residential Rehabilitation Scheme

John Bramhall


The overwhelming positive feedback we receive from our members is testament to the work undertaken by the Perform team.

John Bramhall



The three-year partnership between Perform at St. George's Park and the PFA enables Perform to provide around 900 weeks of residential rehabilitation to PFA members. Players will be able to spend four days of intensive rehabilitation at Perform while staying overnight at the Hilton hotel on site. They will receive treatment from experts in a wide range of fitness-related areas including physiotherapists, doctors, sport scientists, strength and conditioning specialists, yoga teachers and soft tissue therapists.

The treatment is available to all PFA members including those in a club contract, ex-professional and retired players. For those at a club, it offers the chance to continue on the road to recovery in fresh surroundings, while the need to get back to fitness is particularly important for any members without a club and hoping to secure a new contract.

If any clubs of PFA members would like more information, please contact Perform at St. George’s Park on 01283 576333 or email