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What is Perform?

Perform is about achieving your best and helping you to Perform beyond your expectations.  Whether in need of rehabilitation from injury,  improved levels of strength, health and fitness or behavioural change in the workplace. We combine cutting-edge technologies, elite expertise, sports medicine and performance science to improve your overall level of performance.

Our hand-picked multidisciplinary teams covers a wide range to give you the most appropriate treatment.  They include sports and exercise medicine (SEM) physicians, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, podiatrists, nutritionists and allied health practitioners. To get the best performance from our customers we use some of the most advanced medical, performance and rehabilitation technologies available.


Perform works with:

  • Sport - all levels of athletes including elite, extreme enthusiasts and football managers
  • Individuals who need rehabilitation from injury or illness
  • Corporate clients in need of health screening and occupational health
  • Education - schools, colleges and universities